Illustration by Steve Davis, considered to be the world’s best marine illustrator. This is CODFISH without the flybridge.

The below galleries contain pictures of Brad Glazer’s Motor Vessel (MV) Codfish, a 1999 36’ Northern Bay 36 FB (Flybridge) Downeast Lobster Yacht. The Northern Bay 36 is not one boat made by one builder. Yves-Marie Tanton is the yacht designer who designed the boat from the bare hull up. The NB 36 is a 36’ lobster boat hull designed by Spencer Lincoln, the “King” of Lobster Boat Designers. Most of the hulls were built by John Hutchins of Downeast Boats and Composites. The bare hulls then go to a “finisher”, which is the company that builds the rest of the boat for the customer, mainly for lobster fishermen in Maine. Therefore, they are all different, with different purposes, finishes, and equipment. That is why prices on the used market are all over the board.

Original Press Release for Codfish

Original press release for the boat, written by Yves-Marie Tanton, which will give you a much better description of the boat.

Overview Gallery

Here are a few pictures. If you’re not as into boats, this will show you what you want to see.

Extended Gallery

Here are a few hundred pictures of Codfish, which boat aficionados may enjoy perusing.

Study Plans

A few plans and drawings of Codfish.